Stack Data Solutions Paperwork Simplified

We help organizations move from manual paper based processes into the digital era through automated data extraction to deliver efficient business operation

Document Digitization

Our document scanning and conversion service helps companies efficiently convert paper documents into editable and easily accessible digital format

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Survey Automation

Collect data Quickly and accurately from paper survey, tests, feedback forms or evaluations with our automated survey data extraction service

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Data Analytics

Use Data visualization to interact and filter through your managment or financial data to make smart data driven business decisions.

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Document Digitization

A one-stop solution for your business to digitise, archive and search your Amharic | English documents, saving you time and money.

  • Improve communication between departments
  • Integration with ERP, CRM or other internal tool
  • Reduce clerical errors with automation

Electronic Document Management

We work with different industries to leverage Electionic Document Management Systems to help deal with the rapidly increasing burden of maintaining a physical record archive

  • HealthCare
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Service Sector
  • Government Institutions
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Intelligent Search

Enable your employees to search through thousands of documents to quickly locate the information they require based on their search criteria.

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Modern Collaboration

Collaborate and share documents with colleagues while protecting confidential information with strict access control


Data Driven Decisions

Easy access to Internal data history allows you to make better decisions about issues that impact your organization’s bottom line

Delivering Operational Efficiency

We offer a seamless process to organize, scan, index and check for quality control through our trained staff utilizing optical character recognition technology and high speed document scanners to ensure high quality service

Improve Customer Service

Increase Customer Satisfaction by responding to your Customers’ queries instantly with the exact information they need

Better Workflow Process

Have the ability to automatically move documents along the process for steps such as drafting, commenting and approval

Longer Record Retention

Physical documents can be easily lost or damaged, back up your critical data with redundant storage solutions

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Tired of searching documents?

Let us help you transition to digital

Flexible options to suit your business requirements

Our highly customisable service can be tailored to your document retrieval needs. Depending on how often you need to store and retrieve your documents, we have different package plans to suit your needs.