Reliance Digital Media’s Digital Asset Investor – Mirage

Reliance Industries (RELI) today announced that it has selected Digital Asset Investment (DII) as its digital asset investor.Reliance, a leading Indian telecoms operator, aims to make the Indian internet more affordable and competitive.DII, the first of its kind in the country, is a cloud-based platform that will offer a diversified, […]

Why you should buy an Albertson digital globe from ANZ

The digital globe is the latest in a long line of home appliances that promise to simplify your life.While they may not offer the cutting-edge features and convenience of a home office appliance, the digital globe can be an attractive alternative to traditional appliances.The digital globes come in three different […]

What is an ‘intellectual property’?

How do we know who owns a photograph?We can’t, says the International Photographers’ Union (IPU).The IPU, which represents more than 20,000 photographers worldwide, has called for an update to copyright law that would enable photographers to legally use photographs without the copyright holder’s permission.The IPA says the current copyright system […]

Which digital agency should you trust?

The digital agency market is a huge one, but which agency is right for you depends a lot on your priorities and the types of work you do.And that’s where Digital Agency International comes in.With Digital Agency, we offer digital agency professionals a wealth of information and services to help […]

Which companies are really growing at the fastest?

Digital scale retailer Walmart is the fastest-growing company in the US, according to its latest quarterly results.The retailer reported a revenue increase of 11% year-over-year, and reported net income of $4.4 billion.Its shares rose by 6% on Friday to $96.70.Digital scale is the company’s primary e-commerce platform and has recently […]

How to stop a bad Canon digital camera

Digital cameras are a big part of your digital life.We’re going to explore how to stop one of them from shooting you.Canon says the problem can be fixed with a few simple steps.Here’s what you need to know.1.Canon’s digital camera system is broken.In the past, digital cameras have had a […]

How to create a digital minimalist living space

The next step for digital minimalist homes is to build one that’s more modular and can be easily moved around to meet different needs, including bedrooms and bathrooms.And that’s where digital minimalists can help.This is how they’re making their own modular homes that are more adaptable and flexible than the […]

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