Kroger’s digital coupons are all wrong for you, says Kroger executive

Kroger Digital Coupons are All Wrong for You: Kroger is offering a digital coupon for a $2.99 soda on its grocery store coupons, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The coupon is only valid for a one-time purchase of one single beverage, but Kroger said that it is only good for one purchase.

The article also said that the coupons do not expire, which is a big deal.

Kroger did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

We reached out to Kroger for comment and will update this story if we hear back.

The WSJ article also stated that Kroger was trying to sell you a discount coupon that is not available.

It also claimed that the coupon is valid only on the first order of products.

We’ve contacted Kroger to see if this is true and will keep you posted.

But the WSJ also made a number of claims, including that Krogers coupon is available to customers who order food through its website or through a Kroger Mobile app.

The paper also claimed there is an “app” that offers a coupon code for $2, but it is not yet available.

For the record, the coupon code is valid for only one order of food items.

The Journal article also noted that the discount coupon was only available on the website and does not expire.

If you’re not seeing this coupon, you may have to pay the $2 fee for a single order of groceries.

Kroger’s coupon is also available for Kroger stores, which may have different pricing and conditions, according the WSG.

In other words, if you order a Krogher product online, the $4.99 coupon for two drinks can be used on two separate orders of food, and if you’re ordering food through Kroger, you could use the same coupon code on the second order of two items.

Krogers website says the coupon will be available for two weeks.

But it’s not.

If this is your first time using Kroger coupons, it’s best to call ahead and confirm that you’re eligible for the promo code before you make your purchase.

In addition to the $3.99 discount for the one-month trial, the WSK also reports that Kroggers coupon has a $1.99 cash value, which can be applied to the purchase of an additional beverage.

We will update if we receive more information.

Here’s the full WSJ report: