Which Israeli newspaper should I trust?

The Jerusalem Times has announced a new digital dice game, which it says will make the newspaper more accessible to readers.

The dice game was developed by the Jerusalem Times and the Jerusalem Film Academy.

It uses a digital scanner, but the scanner will not be used for its games.

The new dice will be released as a print version on March 31, the newspaper said in a statement.

The Dice Game will be published by the digital newspaper in English, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish and Italian.

The dice will also be available in an app, the statement said.

The Dice Game is a game of dice, where the player rolls a number, representing an area of the paper and a number on a white board, and tries to roll the right number to see whether the player gets a positive or negative result.

The app will be available free of charge on March 1 and will be priced at 6,964 shekels ($12), the newspaper stated.

The Jerusalem Times said the app is currently in beta testing.

“The Dice game is a new, innovative, and innovative way of using the paper as a platform for the publication of digital content, particularly digital dice games,” it said.

“The Dice Games app will allow users to quickly test the Dice game against their personal collection of dice and play-dices and other dice games.

It will also allow users who do not have a printer to share their dice collection with their friends and colleagues.”

This innovative app will offer readers an entirely new way of reading the Jerusalem Post and will make it easier for people to engage with the newspaper.

“The Jerusalem Post said the dice game will allow for users to play online without having to physically visit the paper’s website, and will allow the publication to keep its current digital content in sync with digital readership.

It said the Dice Game app will also have a unique user experience, as the dice will not require the same printer to print.

The app will include online access for users who have an iPhone or iPad, or can access the app through a browser.

The digital newspaper’s announcement comes a day after the Jerusalem-based newspaper published an article that described how Israeli police used a drone to attack an American-based news website.

The Israeli newspaper, which is owned by the Israeli government, published an editorial saying that Israel had used its drones to attack news organizations.

The Israeli newspaper’s editors said in the editorial that it was not the first time Israeli authorities had used drones to strike American news organizations in the country.

The paper has been publishing articles about Israeli policy in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, and on the Gaza Strip.