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— The city’s business community is getting ready for a busy year.

In the spring, the city will mark the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Michigan Municipal League, a group that formed the nation’s first professional sports league in 1922.

The league’s charter also is on the verge of becoming the law of the land.

The Detroit Pistons, the NBA’s oldest franchise, will open a new arena in 2021, and the city is hoping to attract NBA and MLB teams for the 2020 season.

And in 2018, the Pistons will begin a $2 billion renovation of the stadium.

The new arena is the latest in a string of major investments to come to the city, which is struggling with chronic poverty, a lack of affordable housing and high unemployment.

While Detroit has been home to many of the NBA stars, the sports teams have often struggled to find a market and have often been unable to find suitable venues.

Detroit has a reputation as one of the most expensive sports markets in the country.

But with the NBA season already in full swing and the Detroit Tigers’ baseball team set to begin a new season in 2018 in a downtown park, the cost of living is starting to skyrocket.

“If we had an NBA team and we had a new stadium, the league would be thrilled,” said Tim Johnson, president of the Greater Detroit Economic Development Corp. “It’s been a great year for the city of Detroit.

I’ve seen the downtown boom.

There’s more businesses coming downtown than there were five years ago.

It’s a tremendous opportunity to see a whole new generation of Detroiters.”

Detroit is now expected to spend $9 billion on new housing, roads and other infrastructure over the next 10 years, according to a report by the Detroit-based consulting firm, Renaissance Analytics.

A new convention center is also on the horizon, and a new football stadium could be built in the next few years.

And, the future of the Detroit Lions franchise could soon be in doubt.

Owner Martha Ford and her family have sold the team to the billionaire investor Richard DeVos, and DeVos has made a bid for the team.

“The focus is on bringing a new team here to play in the city,” Ford said.

“We don’t want to have another team.

That’s what I’m trying to do.”

“Detroit is ready for the next generation of sports fans” The new stadiums and arenas are coming, and people are ready for that, said Gary Johnson, chairman of the Sports Business Alliance of Michigan.

“They’re coming here for a reason.

We need to keep the city on the map.

It has a tremendous sports history, a great sports fanbase, and it needs to stay there.”

In addition to the new sports teams, the NFL is hoping that the 2020 NBA season will usher in the beginning of a new era for the league, said John Jansen, a sports economist with the National Sports Foundation.

“I think we’re going to see some big changes in the sports landscape.

We’ll see the return of the NFL and the rise of the college football and basketball conferences,” Jansen said.

“You’re going, oh my goodness, what is going on?”

The Detroit Red Wings and the NHL both have new stadiums under construction and will soon have a new franchise.

The city has had a great track record of getting new sports facilities built, said Jim Clark, president and CEO of the Professional Football Writers Association of America.

“But it’s been challenging for Detroit to get all of those projects done,” Clark said.

Clark is particularly excited about the new arena, which he said will be one of Detroit’s largest in terms of capacity and capacity to the sky.

“If you think about how many sports teams play in these new stadiums, that’s going to be a significant asset for us,” Clark added.

The city has also had a very good track record in creating a strong labor union, Clark said, and that includes the unionization of the police force.

“What’s happening in Detroit now is a big improvement,” Clark continued.

“There are a lot of positives in Detroit, which means that people are coming back.

They’re finding a job, and they’re working.”

The Lions, who will play in their new stadium next year, have also seen a positive response from the local community, Clark noted.

“When you have a team that has been here for years and years, and you’re putting a new facility in the middle of it, I think that’s a huge positive,” Clark concluded.

A lot of good news coming to Detroit The NBA’s new stadium will bring in $2.7 billion for the local economy and the state of Michigan, according a recent study by the American Enterprise Institute.

The study also found that the new stadium’s attendance will increase significantly over the current arena, bringing in about 2,000 more fans.

The arena is expected to attract more than 3 million people annually.