WATCH: Warriors star Stephen Curry says he doesn’t want to be the NBA’s ‘next LeBron’

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry told reporters that he doesn�t want to become the next LeBron James.

Curry said in a media conference call with reporters on Thursday that he wants to be remembered as a player who played in the NBA before he had his career.

He said he had a great career, and I think that he�s going to continue to grow.

I don�t see myself as the next Lebron James.

I�m not.

I am not.

But I�ve always been a fan of the sport, and it�s a great story.

I want to know what I could have done differently.

My focus is always going to be on the game, and that�s the main thing.

I want to thank the guys that are here.

I really appreciate everything that they did for me. And that�ll always be my focus.