Why the gas industry is spending so much to push digital bits in the digital age

The gas industry has spent millions of pounds on advertising in the past year to try and boost its image with consumers, a report has found.

The report, commissioned by the Gas Association, found that the UK’s gas and electricity sectors have spent more than £50m on digital bits since January last year.

In addition, the industry has invested over £100m in digital marketing in the same period, it said.

The gas industry spends millions of dollars on advertising, and the Government needs to do more to encourage the uptake of digital bits within its industry, the Gas Research Society said in its annual report on Wednesday.

It also urged the Government to introduce measures to encourage digitalisation in the gas sector, particularly in the oil and gas sectors.

The Gas Association said the industry was “not alone” in the sector’s use of digital advertising, adding that the gas market was also using digital channels.

“The gas sector is not alone, but it is certainly the largest digital ad spender and is one of the largest spenders of digital marketing,” the report said.

An independent survey of gas marketers found that more than half said they were planning to invest in digital advertising.

But it was unclear if the industry would continue to do so as the Government’s digital strategy has become more focused on the “digital divide” as consumers switch from traditional channels to digital, said Mark Brown, chief executive of the Gas Industry Association.

Gas marketers said digital ads were critical to the success of the industry.

“We need to ensure that our marketing and our digital strategies are effective, as digital advertising plays a critical role in the delivery of the message that is being delivered through the digital channels,” said Gas Marketing Association head David Gough.

He said there were many examples of gas companies investing in digital ads in order to attract and retain consumers.

However, he warned that digital advertising was not always effective, and that the industry had “to take into account its own brand and value proposition”.

“It is important to note that the use of the gas and electric sectors’ digital channels will vary, depending on the type of service that is provided to customers, the type and quality of advertising that is produced and the audience that is served,” he said.