How to spot the fake #SausageDigit tweet from the Jets

The NFL has made it clear to its players that the Jets have to pay attention to their tweet history and they have to be careful about who they retweet.

And in a major step, the NFL has finally announced that it will start requiring players to include a tweet history in their posts, which is something that was never the case before.

But the league has also made it very clear that the tweets must not be misleading or defamatory.

And so, this week, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that all players will now have to make sure they include a Twitter history in all of their posts.

That means they will need to put in a tweet that references a team, a team logo, a stadium, or a jersey number.

The NFL also said that players will be required to include any endorsements, logos, or other marketing material related to their team.

Goodell has said that the rule will take effect this season, and he also said the rule won’t affect any players who have already signed contracts.

Here’s the full list of players who will have to include their Twitter history.

The players will have until September 1 to do so.