Peloton to launch in India: Report

By APLANGASTRO NIKOLAAssociated PressThe first commercial peloton ride in India, called the Peloton Digital Agency, will be launched in the country later this month.

The ride will take place at the Indiranagar station in the northern city of Indirapuram, and will be based on the new hybrid bike technology developed by the Indian company Peloton.

The new technology, called Peloton-Digital, is based on an electric motor and electric powertrain, as well as an on-board computer and navigation system, the Pelton spokesman said.

It was unveiled in September and the company has so far invested over $100 million in developing the technology.

“Peloton-digital is a world-first,” said Vikram Nair, a managing director at Peloton, which is based in Bengaluru.

The company, which also sells electric bikes, said the agency will allow riders to travel in the city without having to rely on traditional public transport.

“We will use a hybrid bike powered by electric motors that can run on battery power and a new on-demand vehicle to deliver the riders to their destinations,” he said.

“Our goal is to make the most efficient, environmentally friendly and fun, safe and reliable rides to and from work.”

Pelot has developed an electric bike technology that was also used by the Japanese company, Tokyo Metro.

It has also partnered with Chinese company, DaimlerChrysler, to develop electric vehicles for transport.

Pelon said the company will be launching a pilot program for the agency, which will be the first commercial ride in the nation.

It will take riders from the city to the office and back, and then they will ride in a Peloton van.

The vehicle will have the same range of electric vehicles as those used by other ride-sharing services, such as Uber and Lyft.

“India has a large number of people who commute from the suburbs to the city for work and leisure,” said Anand Bhatia, CEO and co-founder of Peloton in India.

“So we are looking forward to launching the first ride on Peloton’s new digital agency in Indirampuram,” he added.PELOT is the world’s largest ride-hailing company, with more than 2,000 vehicles.

Its mobile app, as of April, had more than 22 million users, according to figures from the App Annie.