Digital audio out: The best apps for Windows 10 update

The latest Windows 10 build for the Xbox One and Windows 10 Mobile platforms has brought a new “Digital Audio Out” feature, bringing audio playback back to the gamepad, which is currently missing.

The feature is now available to Windows 10 developers who want to take advantage of the feature in their games.

Microsoft’s Andrew Mitchell confirmed that the feature was available for developers who are not on Xbox One, but did not give a specific date.

“We can’t provide any further details about this feature because we haven’t announced it yet,” he said.

“There’s no release date yet, and we’re still working on it.

So, we’re not really providing a release date, just that this is now possible.”

Microsoft has also added support for the “Digital Music Out” audio feature for PC and console, so those with multiple monitors can now play music through their Xbox One.

“There are a lot of games that use the PC Audio API and use a lot more advanced audio compression methods to achieve better audio fidelity,” Microsoft’s Mitchell said.

“In the case of PC audio, the sound coming out of the headset is compressed to reduce the audio latency and to reduce distortion.” 

The “Digital audio out” feature has a few other benefits for PC gamers as well.

It gives users a way to disable Xbox One’s Kinect motion sensor in games that don’t support the system’s motion controllers.

That means they can play more content from third-party headsets like Valve’s SteamVR, and can use the Xbox controller as a keyboard instead of the traditional mouse and keyboard. 

“This is something that we want to give the PC gaming community a chance to enjoy, as well,” Mitchell said of the “digital audio out.”

“In addition to the Xbox Play Anywhere, which allows you to play all of your games, as a PC gamer you can also use the Windows 10 Controller as a mouse or a keyboard.

So that means you can play games on your Windows 10 PC with your Xbox One or Xbox One X.”

You can play all your games from Xbox One on your PC.

So you can use a mouse and a keyboard to navigate through the game.

Or you can move the controller around, so you can control the game and your character.

“Microsoft is currently working on a new version of its Xbox app, which will be released in the coming months, but it’s not yet clear whether that will include a “digital out” option.

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