Why is Amazon’s digital book sales down for the year?

Posted October 04, 2018 05:27:23Digital book sales in the U.S. have been dropping in recent years.

Amazon, which has traditionally had the most lucrative deals with book publishers, said it will sell fewer books this year than last.

That’s due in part to an increase in e-books from the rise of Amazon Prime and the growing popularity of the Kindle.

The Kindle is Amazon Publishing’s most popular product.

The company is also trying to grow its e-reader business with the introduction of a new Kindle Paperwhite.

However, some publishers are pushing back.

For example, The New York Times said its ebook sales were down 8.5% in the first quarter, and its Kindle sales dropped 12% in a year-over-year basis.

Amazon’s share of the digital book market in the United States fell to 21% in Q1 2018, down from 25% in 2017.

The share of print books increased to 39%, up from 39% in 2016.