Why Sony is giving away some of its digital cameras

A Sony camera company is giving free digital cameras to some of the world’s poorest people, even as it faces mounting pressure to improve its image quality.

The cameras, which are designed to capture still images, are part of a program called Digital Imaging Plus, which Sony started last year.

The program provides discounted prices to people who need to capture high-quality still images for use on websites, in publications and in other digital projects.

The Sony XF10 and XF20 digital cameras are free to the poor for a year.

Sony said in a blog post Thursday that its digital imaging program will help people living in the developing world who have limited access to affordable digital cameras.

“Digital Imaging Plus will provide the same quality images we offer to the masses.

It will also help people with limited digital cameras with the same images that are available for the masses,” said Sony Corp. president Tomi Lederberg.

The company has said that it is working on better digital imaging, including better image stabilization, but it has not said how much it will spend on the program.

It has not released details about how many people in the program are enrolled in the digital imaging programs.

Ledererg said in the blog post that the goal of Digital Imaging plus is to help people “in the developing worlds to get a good quality digital camera for their personal use and use in their own business and not just for a hobby or something like that.”

The program will be expanded to more countries in the coming months, Sony said.

Sony also said that the program will “enable us to support other projects and programs in our industry.”