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7.26.18 / 6.26-7.30pm GMT(EDT) The day started with the release of the first official release of Apple’s new iOS 8.3 operating system.

The release of this update came on the same day as Apple’s big earnings call, which is the first of the year.

The company’s financial results were also announced on the day.

Apple said that Apple Pay, which launched on Monday, will be coming to over 90 countries soon.

The new iOS version will be released on October 28.

Here are some of the new features that are coming to iOS 8:There’s also an update to the Apple Music app that includes a feature that lets users access a playlist of songs from Apple Music, as well as the ability to share content from other services such as Spotify.

This feature will be available on iOS 8 starting next week.

There’s a new emoji to the Unicode standard, which has been updated to support emoji in the future.

The app is also being updated to use the new Unicode standard.

The new emoji is called “Apple Watch”, which is a reference to the company’s iconic watch.

The app is now called “Watch”.

The Apple Watch is coming to a number of countries on October 22.

There are new emoji for countries including Germany, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, and France.

The iPhone X will come to the US on October 25.

The iPhone XS is coming in October 29.

Apple has also introduced new iPhone models in Australia and New Zealand.

Apple is also releasing a new model of the iPhone X that will come in October.

The release of iOS 8 was the first major update to iOS since the release in October of iOS 9.

iOS 9 brought a number new features, such as a new Apple Pay payment system and new Siri integration.

The latest iOS 8 update will arrive with a new version of iOS 10 on October 30.

The next major iOS update is expected to be released in January 2019.