How to get free krogers digital coupons online

NEW YORK — Kroger has posted a special offer for customers who use the coupon code krogea2.

The online retailer said Tuesday that customers who download the free code on its website can earn up to 50 percent off a select Kroger category.

You can get the coupon codes online or on the phone by calling 1-888-299-1223, or visiting the Kroger website at

Krogers coupon code is available to customers ages 5 and older.

The coupon is valid for new purchases of $49 or more, and is valid on orders placed online at the store, Kroger said.

The coupon code will expire Nov. 1.

Krocers digital coupons offer customers a variety of savings, including savings on groceries, apparel, home décor and household items.

For example, the code will save customers $4.97 on items such as household appliances and household supplies, $4 off food, and $4 on household supplies such as shampoo, body wash and toothpaste.