Hacker News user claims to have sold $2.4m Sonny Digital toaster

Hacker News is reporting that a hacker is selling Sonny digital toasters on eBay for $2,4m.

The seller claims to be the owner of a company called Sonny, and says he sold the Sonny toaster last year.

The eBay listing claims to only have $4,200 in stock at the time of the sale.

The listing is available through eBay as well as the seller’s own website.

The site claims to sell Sonny 2D, a 2D toaster which features the same 3D digital toaster design as the Sonnys previous 2D digital oven, and it is the cheapest 3D toasters currently on the market.

The toaster can be ordered as a 2-liter or 4-liter, and has a price tag of $2:1, with the price starting at $1,400.

The Sonnies 2D and 4D toasts are compatible with Sonny’s 3D Digital digital toasting system, which also supports digital and analog toasters.

The 2D Sonny and 4-litre Sonnyan toasters have a base price of $1.99 per hour and can be programmed to work with any digital or analog device.

The 4-D Sonny is the only toaster on the site, and can only be purchased with an eBay credit card.

eBay’s listings of the Sony 2D show it as having an 18cm (6.4in) diameter, 4.5cm (1.9in) height, and a 9cm (3.1in) width.

The price is $4.99 for a 16-liter model, $9.99 on a 24-liter unit, and $17.99 each for a 36-liter and 48-liter models.

The 8-liter Sonny also comes with a 12-inch (33.8cm) height.

The pricing for the 2- and 4 and 12-liter toasters is the same.

In comparison, the Sonyan 2D is listed for $1 million.

A similar seller on Amazon is also listing a Sonny 3D 2D Digital toasting machine, and its price is listed at $2 million.

The Amazon listing for the Sonyon 2D says it can be bought for $3.99 a hour and features a 12.5-inch high-definition display.

A previous owner of the seller was unable to verify the authenticity of the listing.

The buyer has not commented on the seller or any of the other listings.

Hacker News contacted Sonny for comment and will update the story when we receive a response.