New app for digital nomad health care

New digital nomads app from Digital Nomads, the company behind the nomad-focused health app IsoHabit, aims to help people with health concerns, such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), manage their digital nomadic lifestyle.Digital Nomad aims to offer digital nomaders the most comprehensive health and wellness information in a user-friendly, intuitive […]

How to fix your digital footprint

Digital minimalism is a style of digital photography that involves taking photos of your home, then using software to make a digital image.It’s a style popularized by photographer John Bruni and other digital minimalists.But many photographers are also turning to minimalism in an attempt to find a more permanent home.Read […]

Best Digital Antenna for Digital Ocean (EUR 30/24)

DigitalOcean, the leading provider of online hosting for the cloud computing, has raised $20 million in funding from several investors including Union Square Ventures and Fidelity.DigitalOcean’s cloud storage platform is available for free on a number of platforms including Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Platform.Digital Ocean said the funding would […]

Peloton to launch in India: Report

By APLANGASTRO NIKOLAAssociated PressThe first commercial peloton ride in India, called the Peloton Digital Agency, will be launched in the country later this month.The ride will take place at the Indiranagar station in the northern city of Indirapuram, and will be based on the new hybrid bike technology developed by […]

How to watch ESPN2 on the go

The network’s digital app will be free to download and use from Apple devices beginning on Thursday.The app is part of ESPN’s $40 billion plan to offer digital channels on televisions and other devices, which includes an upcoming digital subscription service.With the introduction of the new app, the network will […]

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