When Digital Rises Again: Here’s What You Need to Know

Digital Marketing Salary: $9.50/hr $11.75/hr Digital Ruler: $8.25/hr #DigitalThermometer: $13.75 – $19.25 $12.75-15.00 Digital Movie Codes: $2.50 – $4.00 $1.00 – $3.50 Digital Thermometer Medical: $5.00/hr – $12 $7.50-10.00 #DigitalMicrowave: $3/hr: $7/hr (for the same product) $3-8/hr/day: $4/hr for same product, up to 4-hour workday (minimum) #DigitalMental: $1-4/day $2-3/day #DigitalRising: […]

How to fix your digital footprint

Digital minimalism is a style of digital photography that involves taking photos of your home, then using software to make a digital image.It’s a style popularized by photographer John Bruni and other digital minimalists.But many photographers are also turning to minimalism in an attempt to find a more permanent home.Read […]

The Worst and Best of 2017’s Newcomers

Digital thermometers are getting the love.From the likes of Amazon’s Alexa to Apple’s HomeKit, digital thermometers have become more than just gadgets that measure temperature.In this week’s Best of column, we’ve rounded up the best and worst of new products that hit the market this year.1.Amazon Echo and HomeKit appThe […]

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