How to get a free Roomba for free online

I can’t get enough of the Roombas!But I have to warn you, it’s not a fun experience.The toys are cheap and the service is horrible.The roomba is a simple machine with an on/off switch and no buttons.You have to press a button on the back to activate it, and the […]

How to Buy a Digital Wallet

If you’re a digital wallet fan, the process of getting one is an essential part of your digital wallet journey.But how do you get one?In this week’s episode of MTV News Digital Wallet, we take a look at some of the key issues you need to know about to get […]

How digital wallets will change the way you shop

Australia’s digital wallet is in crisis, and it’s getting worse.In Australia, digital wallets are the only way to spend your money online.The technology is here to stay.The future is digital.Read more The digital economy is a very small part of our global economy, but it’s growing rapidly.As of the end […]

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